Ending Midyear Vacation | Wawa Dam Roadtrip

How would you make your last few days of midyear vacation extraordinary? If you want to be a roadperson, that’s an easy question. Nothing ever satisfies a roadperson’s heart than to travel and indulge to the wonders of our world.

Last July 25, 2015, our organization (UP ROAD TRIP) went for an exciting adventure at Wawa Dam in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal.

It was a chilly morning at Los Baños when we all met each other at 5AM to have breakfast. We were all very ecstatic since all of us will be going there for the first time. Everyone was talking about what we’re all gonna see there. Our organization Captain (President) was the one who researched about our itinerary. According to him, it was an old-abandoned dam that used to provide water source for Manila. The dam holds a lot of history that I’m going to share to you later on.

We hit the road at 6AM. Since it was still early, the roadtrip itself was a bit of a bummer because everyone was asleep!  I was listening to my roadtrip playlist while busy sightseeing as well. This is a habit that I’ll never get tired of doing. It gives such a relaxing feel.

Anyway, the road to Rizal from Los Baños was nearly a four-hour trip. Good thing we rented a van for it’s gonna be very difficult for a large group to commute; transferring from one vehicle to another.

When we got there, we immediately noticed how mud-brown the color of the water from the dam is. We were surprised for it was not supposed to look like so. Later on, we found out that it rained the day before. That’s why the water was mud-brown. Of course it was a bit disappointing because we’re really looking forward to seeing it in blue color. 11830351_1007847875913197_1628250635_n

[PHOTO by Romel Daya, Roadperson]
[PHOTO by Romel Daya, Roadperson]
It was already 9:30AM when we decided to go to the old observation deck of the dam. Along the way, we met a 10-year-old kid named Awin. We were really impressed with the kid because he voluntarily toured us on our way to the observation deck. For such a young age, he was able to tell us stories and local histories about the dam and to some small caves that we passed by.

Finally, we reached our destination. We were told by our Captain that the said observation deck was once used to monitor the dam. From there, one can see the dam’s upper reservoir.

As we moved on, we passed by the Pamitinan cave. According to history, A Filipino revolutionary group known as KKK (Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga anak ng bayan) declared the Philippine Independence from the Spanish conquerors inside that cave

11844264_1007847679246550_1064104934_n     11805916_1007849195913065_575651465_n

The adventure didn’t stop there. Awin told us that there is a nearby falls if we’re going to walk 15-20 minutes further. Out of excitement and curiosity, we went for it!

11823920_1007848319246486_864907383_n     11843999_1007848322579819_862353426_n

The falls was not originally part of our trip. But we went for it anyway. We were not told that the path is going to be very challenging. It was all rock and flowing river! Our attire was not really appropriate for the sudden trek, but we all know that when adventure calls, never back down. (Although next time, come prepared!)

The falls is called as Karugo Falls. Tourists, travelers, and roadpersons like to go for a swim there because of its refreshing water. Good thing also, it was not mud-brown.

The trip was overall exciting, unexpected, and really worthwhile. We learned a lot about the dam’s local histories in a way that we can enjoy and have an adventure. We are thankful that no one got hurt despite the unexpected trek (although I kept on slipping haha!).

It is surely an itinerary that needs more attention. I’m sure one will not regret considering this place for hiking, swimming, or even learning.

Have a good travel y’all!

11805651_1007848055913179_473140786_n      11823788_1007848739246444_2052977533_n

PHOTOS used in this blog post are all mine otherwise mentioned. Know more about our trip here.


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