4 Days at the Summer Capital of the Philippines (PART 1)

Waking up at 3 AM has never been more exciting.

We have been planning our Baguio trip for months now, and this is the only time that it’s actually happening. We were all ecstatic about it.

We arrived at the bus station at 5:30 AM; almost an hour early. It was a bit cold for the rainy season is about to begin. There were a lot of people in the station; mostly having instant cup noodles for breakfast.

Finally, our bus arrived. I volunteered to sit alone on the one side so that I can take pictures properly; taking note as well that I’m gonna have the opportunity to take as many pictures as I can. We left at exactly 6:15 AM.

On the Road

I was told that the estimated travel time would be 3 to 5 hours. At first, I was so excited. I love long trips especially to ones that I haven’t been to.

There were free snacks (a pack of macapuno, and brownies) in the bus plus a bottled water. The macapuno tastes delicious in fact the snack didn’t even last for 30 minutes. I even took my sis’.

The trip was long. I tried to force myself to sleep along the way, but I ended up just having 15-minute power naps. I didn’t even bother to watch the films played in the bus. It was not my type of movie.

I entertained myself by sightseeing. From Pasay to Valenzuela, to Pampanga, to Tarlac, up to Baguio, it was an alternating view of the urban and rural communities.

Aside from sightseeing, the official Baguio roadtrip soundtrack is, of course, updated and played. Here are the soundtracks intended for this trip:

  • A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay
  • Ghost Stories by Coldplay
  • Hearthrob by Tegan and Sara
  • Mind of Mine by Zayn
  • Handwritten by Shawn Mendez

All these tunes made my trip quite sad, happy, a mixed of emotions actually. Thanks for those musicians who keep my roadtrips extra special. All those music videos haha!


Burnham Park

It was a cold midday in Baguio. After checking-in at our hotel, we decided to maximize our trip by going to the famous Burnham Park immediately.

The kids riding their bicycles caught my attention upon getting to the park. Their smiles were genuine; each is followed by another. They were all having the time of their childhood lives. Learning how to ride a bike is something I missed in my childhood years. It was only a few days before the trip when I actually learned how to ride a bike. Embarrassing I know…

I also saw the Burnham Lake with all the boats that comes in all shapes and sizes. Some even looks like a swan. Unfortunately, we were not able to ride the boats since it was a bit raining. It was also rather disappointing to see that the lake was brown and dirty (not quite sure if it’s because of the rain or..)

Boats, coming in different shapes and sizes, sail in the Burnham Lake.

My brother was especially excited about the biking area. Me and my two siblings rented bikes for PHP 40.00/hour each. We rode along the area together with the other kids.

Admitting that I was a bit of an amateur in the biking skill, the kids along with me were rampaging. I usually ran out of balance since the kids were overtaking me. I can’t even keep up. I enjoyed the whole experience although we only rode our bikes for 15 to 20 minutes (not sure about this). We were already tired.

(Dad took the photo)


On the brighter side, our parents bought us strawberry-flavored taho, a famous Filipino trademark street food. It was really delicious; a lot different compared with the one I had in Los Baños. Not to mention, strawberry is a popular fruit in the cold and foggy city of Baguio.

Taho, an all-time favorite Filipino street food, is especially made with strawberry flavor in Baguio city.

Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral (Baguio Cathedral)

According to a Philippine Daily Inquirer article, the Baguio Cathedral is “the only tourist destination that inspires hypertension”. One has to climb up the 104 steps before being able to see the solemn place there is at the said cathedral.

The article further mentioned about the church being first located at the Session road downtown before 1920. Later on, it was relocated to where it is now. The cathedral had a lot of names before being consecrated as the Our Lady of the Atonement in July 09, 1936.

The cathedral has a rich history. For the people of Baguio, it was famous for being a “miracle church”.

Took us 104 steps to reach the top of Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, more popularly known as the Baguio Cathedral.

When we arrived at the cathedral, there was an on-going novena. It was quiet and solemn. People inside were on their knees holding their hands together while their eyes were closed, praying. The choir’s singing added to the peaceful ambiance of the church.

We went inside to pray as well. We took sometime for reflection.

After a while, we headed on.


Session Road and a Foodtrip to Ebai’s

The Session road was, as usual, crowded. It’s almost like walking in the sidewalks of Manila. There were a lot of establishments; most of which are fast food chains.

The rain made the trip a bit exhausting and a hassle for me who’s in-charge of taking photos. We stopped by at Ebai’s Cakes & Pastry shop to eat out. (More photos here.)

The food was authentic. Their apple and walnut cake was awesome! I liked it a lot. Plus, their apple-cucumber juice was refreshing.


The adventure continues on the next day.


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