4 Days at the Summer Capital of the Philippines (PART 2)


After an exhausting first day, we started the second one late. We left the hotel almost at 10 AM. It’s a good thing that Baguio’s weather was fine and cold. It was almost midday yet the weather outside is very much inviting.

On the second day, we targeted to visit the Minesview Park, The Mansion, Baguio Botanical Garden, and the Wright Park.

Minesview Park

I personally don’t know what I should expect at the Minesview Park. My parents kept on mentioning it the night before that’s why I got excited. All I know is that the view there was spectacular.

It was a bit difficult driving to the park. There was a moderate to heavy traffic on the way there; not to mention the vehicles parking along the road when in fact it’s not a parking lot. According to our taxi driver (we went there via taxi), vehicles are not allowed to park there. But there are a lot of violators clearly. With that, we were forced to walk on our way to the park.

When we got there, there were many tourists. It was pretty crowded. But since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, we pursued the itinerary.

The view was spectacular as I have predicted it to be. For a nature-loving person, it was paradise. One can see almost everything when he/she is in the view deck. Actually, it was a good view to reflect on things (magdrama pwede rin). I wonder how it looks at night. It must be even more mesmerizing.

Binoculars were also available for rent (Php 40.00 as far as I can remember) just in case you want to take a closer look on the view; a little shift in perspective.

The photo below is us supposed to be having the time of our lives. But this woman on my side is kind of…

The Mansion

Our next stop is The Mansion. According to the official website of the Malacanang Palace, this is the famous mansion known to be the official summer residence of our Presidents since the Commonwealth. Later in 2009, it was declared by the National Historical Institute that the Mansion is to be considered a National Historical Landmark.

We were not allowed to enter the Mansion. We were only permitted to take pictures in the front area behind the gates.

The Mansion, declared as a National Historical Landmark in 2009

Wright Park

The Wright park is just across the Mansion. It’s a beautiful and flowery park with a long pond in the middle. Although the water is quite dirty, there were koi fishes swimming there. I just hope whoever manages and maintains the park should monitor the pond better.

One can do a lot of activities there which includes horseback-riding. And if you will be lucky enough, you might see Igorots in their native attires. However, they might also charge you if in case you want to take a photo with them.

Unfortunately, we were not able to experience those activities because of the lack of time. We have to move to our next itinerary.

But why is it called ‘Wright’ park?

The park is named after architect Luke E. Wright who worked with Daniel Burnham to develop the area for the American soldiers and civilians.


Lunch Break at Rancho Norte


Rancho Norte is a famous food stop at the Ketchup Food Community in Baguio. Along with Canto, Happy Tummy, Rumah Sate, and Green Pepper.

Rancho serves Filipino comfort food. The ambiance added the cool and comfy vibe of the area. It is located under the pine trees.

When we got there, the resto was crowded. Perhaps it was because it’s already 12:30 PM, a lunch peak. There were long lines most especially in Canto. My family loves Filipino comfort food so we decided to eat at Rancho Norte.

We were impressed by the fast service of the crew despite the volume of customers. They were able to serve us fast.

The food tastes delicious as well (more photos here). I love their blue lemonade. It was affordable too for a first-timer like us.


Baguio Botanical Garden

The Baguio Botanical Garden was special. As one expects it to be, it is filled with beautiful plants and flowers. This is a place for nature-lovers indeed.

Although there is not much to see in the garden, you will really enjoy looking at the different species of organisms in the area; not to mention the bees.

You can also take pictures while wearing the traditional Igorot costume for Php 20.00. However, we did not try that because of the fear that we might get bashed for wearing it incorrectly. You know how the netizens react to these issues. But I’m sure the persons in-charge would probably teach you how to wear it.

Roaming around the garden was tiring. The area is huge. I am happy to tell that cleanliness was maintained in the garden. Such an effort is remarkable. Also, the plants were healthy.


On the side, there were merchants selling souvenirs. The materials sold there range from shirts to wooden crafts, and key chains.

Our official itineraries end here for Day 2.


Dinner treat at Café by the Ruins

Two days before the trip, I researched on the top cafes to visit in Baguio. Trip Advisor Philippines ranks Café by the Ruins at 4 our of 219 restaurants. In fact, The Booky Report says that the said café might have been an obvious pick for a must-try resto. It really is.


Me and my sibs went there to have some quality time (haha). Although the food was a bit expensive, it was all worth it. We didn’t have to eat dinner anymore because the food was too heavy.

I love their cappuccino even without the sugar added. It was bitter at the right level. Speaking of sugar, I have a funny story about that experience in the café.

My sis ordered a mochaccino. Both of our drinks were served with a sugar cube but instead of a cube shape, it looked like a meringue. We were really questioning the shape of that sugar. Since it was shaped like a meringue, we were unsure whether to put it in our drinks or not. My sister insisted not to put it so I followed.

Later when we were almost done eating, I decided to “accidentally” drop the meringue-shaped sugar cube to my cappuccino. I mixed it like a boss and tasted it after. I was laughing because it tastes better with the sugar. Like, I should’ve put it earlier. Now my drink is almost empty. haha! My sister did the same thing. We were laughing on ourselves because of our innocence?

See that meringue-shaped sugar, that’s it.

More photos here.


The day ends right here.

Haven’t read Part 1 of the story? Here’s a link.


8 thoughts on “4 Days at the Summer Capital of the Philippines (PART 2)

  1. I love your stories of traveling around the Philippines! I am half filipina from the US but my parents have never taken me to Philippines but we plan to go end of this year. Your stories make me very excited to visit!

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      1. Wow it has been forever since I’ve checked this account! Unfortunately I have not been there yet :/ with school and all it’s been pretty difficult to find a long enough time to go!


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