A Traveler’s Letter To a Fren

We’re already halfway done with 2016. And if you haven’t checked “traveling with your best buds” off the yearly bucket list even though the internet has already given you hippies more than 20 amazing reasons why you should, then it is only wise to let your friends read this.

Dear frens,

You see, there’s a world out there we wanna see. We see the world as something vast and mysterious. We got our eyes set to different destinations we want to explore and learn from. And what better way to go and find out about these things than be with the persons we love.

When I travel to places and get amazed by the majestic view, the interesting culture, and the heartwarming people, I like to stop and stare at my companions’ faces. It may seem a little (or a lot) creepy for you, but there’s this feeling of satisfaction and unexplained joy knowing that my friends are experiencing these things with me.

I am pretty sure travelers have done and experienced that. Try to notice.

It’s a feeling that you can’t really name, but it’s something you wanna feel everyday. Knowing that your friends become a part of something you love doing is genuine happiness especially when you see their smiles. .

We understand that you guys wanted a different take on happiness.We feel as ecstatic as how you begin reading the next chapter of your books when we flip the pages of our calendars to plan the next trip. We feel as cozy as how you wrap yourself like a burrito on your beds when we’re under the stars with our campfires.

But the best part is imagining we can read together near the shore before we sleep, feel the warmth of the sheets when we’re inside our tents waiting for the next dawn up the mountains, and watch live series of how our world works.

Whatever we feel when we’re traveling alone, it’s more vibrant when you are there.

A lot of times when I travel, I always tell myself, “Kailangan nila (friends) ‘tong makita [they have to see this].” That’s why after that I begin picturing scenarios of what would it be like if my friends are there with me.

I begin planning with the guys. And even though they never really give straight answers, I never get tired because I want it to happen. I want it to happen with them.

Traveling with a fellow traveler goes a long way. But I think it’s way better to see the faces of the people doing it for the first time. It’s pure and priceless especially when you’re with your non-traveler best buds.

So please forgive us for ever nagging you about your schedules and free times, for continuously annoying you about our plan B’s every time our A’s don’t work, for making these trips a big deal because it is.

Your fren


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